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*I've been in the Network Marketing business since 1977 and added extra training with the Dale Carnegie Course. As a consultant, I teach people how to build a business on sound principles, how to apply proven techniques when building a business, and how to develop character that leaves you feeling satisfied with the life that you've created.

Why Businesses Fail

Bob Parson’s Ten Reasons Why New Businesses Fail.

I could not have done any better in explaining reasons for businesses failing. I hope you take this advice into serious consideration.

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Success Comes When You Believe You Can

Whenever you think you just can’t do something because of your handicap or shortcomings, remember this young woman who plays with no fingers.  Her accomplishment should be inspirational and give you courage to do what others say is the impossible. It is only impossible if you believe it is impossible.

Uploaded by on Jan 31, 2011      A chinese girl plays piano with no fingers on one hand. She had never seen a piano until 3 years ago, because she lives in a very small town. The video make me realize, how grateful we should be for being born with all our fingers on each hand. Her name is GuiGui Zheng.

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Success of Young Jackie Evancho

Success of Young Jackie Evancho

Jackie Evancho And Barbara Streisand – Somewhere (From West Side Story)


….Jackie’s soul is more advanced than Barbara’s… can hear it already, and God knows she’ll never have a godawful political agenda to dish…..

Enofrappini 6 days ago 19 

Jackie on The View

Christmas Tree Lighting — Watch for President Obama and Family

Jackie Evancho on The Tonight Show

This young lady just turned 11 years old and already a raving success. In addition,  7yr Opera Child Star sings Phantom of the Opera:


What can you learn from this young lady? She has been singing in public since at least seven years old. Who knows how long before that. She is not just a talented girl with special gifts, but she is also a very dedicated young lady. Think of what she has to give up in order to pursue her dreams and make others happy by her wonderful voice.

Our skills and talents are given to us to share and to bless others lives. What talent or skill do you have that you are not sharing or blessing others lives? Think of Jackie when you take the lazy way out or choose not to share.


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Seminar on Self-confidence

Brian Tracy – Unbreakable Laws Of Self-Confidence Motivational Video Preview

Access the full length version at or see a full list of our programs at

Self-esteem and self-confidence play a major role in any quest for a happier, more fulfilling life. In this content-filled training video, self-esteem expert Brian Tracy brings you dozens of important ideas for taking your self-esteem and self-confidence to the next level.

Of all the keys to success, self-confidence and self-esteem are the two critical factors that impact all areas of life. They determine how much money you will earn, how happy you will be, the quality of your relationships, your ability to attract the things you want, and more.

Your self-confidence and self-esteem are everything! The challenge is that most of us were programmed with messages that lower our self-confidence from a very young age, and this old programming interferes with our ability to conquer our most coveted dreams and goals.

In this powerful session, you’ll learn all of the most critical laws for literally reprogramming your mind and boosting your self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-concept to new levels.

Brian Tracy is one of the world’s most powerful and sought-after seminar leaders, speaking on personal performance, self-concept, sales, leadership, and business success. He has traveled and worked in more than eighty countries, and speaks four languages.

Brian Tracy is a New York Times bestselling author, having written dozens of books that have been translated into more than twenty languages. He has appeared on countless television and radio shows, and is featured regularly in major publications across the country, and overseas.

He has also conducted high-level consulting assignments with several billion-dollar-plus corporations in strategic planning and organization development. Brian Tracy is married, with four children, and is headquartered in Solana Beach, California.


Access the full length version at or to see a full list of seminars at

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Below is the personal email that I received from Digital Marketer. This is information that you might find interesting so I include this email in this post. Perhaps you will find the information helpful.

Greetings from the trenches

There’s a lot going on, so I’m going to summarize it for you
and you can pick and choose what you want to dive deeper on:

1. Leaderboard so far + Contest where everybody wins
2. 2 bits of swipe (depending on if you’ve already mailed or not
3. Video recap of Day 1 from Deiss

1. Leaderboard so far + Contest where everybody wins
The EPCs keep climbing, so if you aren’t on here today – don’t trip,
just keep mailing and have faith that Digital Marketer will close ’em.

Another thing to remember is that whether or not you’re on the “top”
of the board doesn’t really matter – we’ve STILL got prizes for you:
Sell 5 memberships you win an iPad2 16gb (Retail value $499)
Sell 10 memberships, you win an iPad2 64gb 3G + Wi-Fi (Retail value $899)
Sell 20 memberships or more, you win a MacBook Air (Retail value $1300)
Sell 5000 memberships or more, you win a unicorn (Retail value $1997)

And that’s in ADDITION to your commissions.

We love you long time.

Here’s where the overall leaderboard sits halfway thru Day 2:
1. Jeff Johnson
2. Frank Kern
3. Eben Pagan
4. Laura Batterly
5. (The NEW) Early to Rise

6. Kate Buck
7. Glazer Kennedy
8. Trey Smith
9. Ryan Moran
10. Lina Gunawan

11. Jeff Walker
12. John Tan
13. Rich Schefren
14. Jason Drohn
15. Randy Schrum

16. Jeff Schwerdt
17. Eirik Vold
18. Tim Donovan
19. Alex ????
20. Kevin McKillop

PLUS we’ve already got 28 iPad2 winners and 5 MacBook Air winners and it’s
only halfway through Day 2!

2. 2 bits of swipe (depending on if you’ve already mailed or not)

Now if you haven’t mailed today (or mailed at all), you’ll want to mail
email #1 (email #2 won’t make sense otherwise).

If you mailed today or yesterday, you’ll want to send your folks email #2.

Or if you possess a higher intellect, you could actually send email #1 and
go ahead and queue up email #2 for the next day.

See below for both versions:

I’m not sure how else to say this.

Nothing will be the same after you find out what’s happening.

Do me a favor and watch this video because it’s a real wake up call.

Ignorance is NOT bliss right now.

See, a stealth freight train has been quietly rushing towards our
‘Internet marketing’ world.

Ready or not, the impact IS coming.

So you’re about to experience a ‘mind shift’.

I’m not saying it’s for better or for worse, that depends on what
you decide to do.

But this WILL affect you.

At least you’ll know what to do. Most people will be blind sided.
That’s why I’m sending you this email.

We’re at a cross roads and one path leads to something much bigger,
the other is a dead end.

So I hope you take the time to watch this right now…

See you on the other side.
Judith Sherman

P.S. If you only could focus on ONE thing I’ve said to you this year,
then this video would be it.

Things are NOT going back to how they were.

It’s not possible.

You’ll understand why after you watch this video…
END Email #1

For Best Results – Send at 6am EST Tomorrow
SUBJECT: What did you think?

Did you watch the video I sent you yesterday? For
your sake I hope you did!

You see… Everything you thought you knew about marketing
on the Internet has changed.

That’s why I sent you this ‘wake up call’ video yesterday…

What did you think?

In the next 12 to 24 months you’re going to see a massive
transfer of wealth from those who don’t ‘get it’ to those
who are positioned correctly.

I want us both to win.

So if you haven’t already, check out this video and learn how
to profit from these changes.

Click here to watch…

Talk soon,
Judith Sherman

P.S. The Internet marketing paradigm of the last 10 years is
changing forever and this is your wake up call.

END Email #2

3. Video recap of Day 1 from Deiss

There were a few affiliates who had some “feedback” on how they
thought the launch was going. We heard ya. And here’s what Deiss had
to say. Watch at your own risk:

5700 S. Mopac Expy.
Suite C315
Austin, Texas 78749
United States
(512) 600-4363

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Be Cautious In Investigating a New Opportunity

I received the following email. It looks good but I am not sure how legitimate it is. Notice the hi-lite areas I made with red and orange.

—– Original Message —–

To: Judith
Sent: Wednesday, June 08, 2011 9:39 AM
Subject: Affiliate Welcome

Hi Judith,

Welcome to our affiliate program!! Below you will find your login details for our affiliate center. Please let us know if we can further assist you.

Code: xxxxxxxxxx
PW: xxxxxxxx


Look at how professional it looks and legitimate as well. I offer the information for you to check into even though I have not made the commitment myself to do it because I am not sure it is a secure opportunity. I strongly suggest you check this out yourself before you decide to do any thing.

If you find out that it is legitimate and everything goes as promised, please share what you experience with us; just please be honest and don’t try to take advantage of people.

Below is the first thing you see when you get into the Affiliate site. I see some flags you might want to check.

  • How do you feel about Payment Threshold clause
  • How do you feel about the ‘clawback’ concept?
  • How do you feel about giving your tax information to a company you don’t know so you can earn a commission check?
  • How do you feel about being paid in cash value or fair market value?

Welcome to the Infomastery, LLC
Affiliate Resource Center!

This is where you’ll find all the tools you need to successfully promote our products. You can use the Tracking Tools links on the left menu to check your stats and view your commissions.

The Marketing Tools give you ad copy, buttons, banners and other promotional materials so you don’t have to do any thinking. Just copy and paste… and start watching the commissions pile up.

AFFILIATE STATISTICS – When checking on your stats, please note that “Pending” commissions are customer orders that have declined or customer orders pending payments, as part of a payment plan.  Many times a customer will try multiple times to order until their order finally is approved.  It takes us a day or so to clear them out so they don’t skew your stats, and our stats!

Please view your LEDGER for the most accurate stats.  The ledger will show those who are paid in full.

CASH BACK REBATES & BONUSES: Cash Back Rebates/Self Referred sales are Not Allowed! If you are giving bonuses when someone buys our products through your links, Bonuses should be given within reasonable time period.  If customers contact us because you promised a bonus and have not delivered we will hold your commissions until your have fulfilled your bonuses.  Please contact us for more information.

CHANGE OF ADDRESS – Please change your address in your Profile AND send me an email (  Changing your profile will not update your MAILING ADDRESS. If your mailing address has changed, I need an email!

COMMISSION INFORMATION Commissions are paid on or around the 15th of each month for the previous month.  To view your earned commissions, Click on My Ledger and use the date range 1st to the last day of the Prior Month.

Each month, 20% of your earned commission are withheld for refunds.

Payment Threshold: As of 4/1/2011, payments will only be made to those who are owed $100 USD or greater for the applicable payment period. Accounts with balances less than $100 USD that have had 60 days of inactivity will out on the following payment period after the 60 days.

Negative Balance: When a customer refunds, there is a ‘clawback’ which may not affect your commission until the next month.  You may have a negative balance.  We will apply this to future commissions.

*If you have qualified to win a prize and you have a negative balance, we will hold the prize.

W9/W8 submission: If we do not have the correct withholding form for you, we cannot pay you.  Please be sure you have submitted the correct form.  International Affiliates are responsible for choosing the correct W-8 form. Visit to view the instructions for which form to use. Please fax or email your form to Sandy, or fax to 512.892.0298.

*International Affiliates are paid via PayPal (Prizes will be paid via PayPal for the cash value). Affiliates within the US are paid via Check and have the choice of the prize or it’s current fair market value in cash.

PRIZES: International Affiliates are paid via PayPal for the cash value of the prize. Affiliates within the US are paid via Check and have the choice of the prize or it’s current fair market value in cash. Payment dates will be according to the launch, i.e., if the prize is for a sale, it will be paid after the refund period. If the prize is for a lead, it will be within 3 weeks of the launch.

All Prizes are given a ‘cash value’ and will be reported as 1099 income for U.S. Affiliates.

If you have questions about our Affiliate Program please don’t hesitate to contact:

Chris Daigle
(512) 354-4875

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