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Below is the personal email that I received from Digital Marketer. This is information that you might find interesting so I include this email in this post. Perhaps you will find the information helpful.

Greetings from the trenches

There’s a lot going on, so I’m going to summarize it for you
and you can pick and choose what you want to dive deeper on:

1. Leaderboard so far + Contest where everybody wins
2. 2 bits of swipe (depending on if you’ve already mailed or not
3. Video recap of Day 1 from Deiss

1. Leaderboard so far + Contest where everybody wins
The EPCs keep climbing, so if you aren’t on here today – don’t trip,
just keep mailing and have faith that Digital Marketer will close ’em.

Another thing to remember is that whether or not you’re on the “top”
of the board doesn’t really matter – we’ve STILL got prizes for you:
Sell 5 memberships you win an iPad2 16gb (Retail value $499)
Sell 10 memberships, you win an iPad2 64gb 3G + Wi-Fi (Retail value $899)
Sell 20 memberships or more, you win a MacBook Air (Retail value $1300)
Sell 5000 memberships or more, you win a unicorn (Retail value $1997)

And that’s in ADDITION to your commissions.

We love you long time.

Here’s where the overall leaderboard sits halfway thru Day 2:
1. Jeff Johnson
2. Frank Kern
3. Eben Pagan
4. Laura Batterly
5. (The NEW) Early to Rise

6. Kate Buck
7. Glazer Kennedy
8. Trey Smith
9. Ryan Moran
10. Lina Gunawan

11. Jeff Walker
12. John Tan
13. Rich Schefren
14. Jason Drohn
15. Randy Schrum

16. Jeff Schwerdt
17. Eirik Vold
18. Tim Donovan
19. Alex ????
20. Kevin McKillop

PLUS we’ve already got 28 iPad2 winners and 5 MacBook Air winners and it’s
only halfway through Day 2!

2. 2 bits of swipe (depending on if you’ve already mailed or not)

Now if you haven’t mailed today (or mailed at all), you’ll want to mail
email #1 (email #2 won’t make sense otherwise).

If you mailed today or yesterday, you’ll want to send your folks email #2.

Or if you possess a higher intellect, you could actually send email #1 and
go ahead and queue up email #2 for the next day.

See below for both versions:

I’m not sure how else to say this.

Nothing will be the same after you find out what’s happening.

Do me a favor and watch this video because it’s a real wake up call.

Ignorance is NOT bliss right now.

See, a stealth freight train has been quietly rushing towards our
‘Internet marketing’ world.

Ready or not, the impact IS coming.

So you’re about to experience a ‘mind shift’.

I’m not saying it’s for better or for worse, that depends on what
you decide to do.

But this WILL affect you.

At least you’ll know what to do. Most people will be blind sided.
That’s why I’m sending you this email.

We’re at a cross roads and one path leads to something much bigger,
the other is a dead end.

So I hope you take the time to watch this right now…

See you on the other side.
Judith Sherman

P.S. If you only could focus on ONE thing I’ve said to you this year,
then this video would be it.

Things are NOT going back to how they were.

It’s not possible.

You’ll understand why after you watch this video…
END Email #1

For Best Results – Send at 6am EST Tomorrow
SUBJECT: What did you think?

Did you watch the video I sent you yesterday? For
your sake I hope you did!

You see… Everything you thought you knew about marketing
on the Internet has changed.

That’s why I sent you this ‘wake up call’ video yesterday…

What did you think?

In the next 12 to 24 months you’re going to see a massive
transfer of wealth from those who don’t ‘get it’ to those
who are positioned correctly.

I want us both to win.

So if you haven’t already, check out this video and learn how
to profit from these changes.

Click here to watch…

Talk soon,
Judith Sherman

P.S. The Internet marketing paradigm of the last 10 years is
changing forever and this is your wake up call.

END Email #2

3. Video recap of Day 1 from Deiss

There were a few affiliates who had some “feedback” on how they
thought the launch was going. We heard ya. And here’s what Deiss had
to say. Watch at your own risk:

5700 S. Mopac Expy.
Suite C315
Austin, Texas 78749
United States
(512) 600-4363

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Success in Creating Income!

Most people focus on “Income” as being the measure of success and the goal of their efforts but in truth, that is backwards.

The word “MONEY” is a noun and not an action word. Therefore, income or money does not come before the work that’s necessary for the reward of income.

Although a basic concept, most business leaders and network marketers focus on the income without teaching the principles that make the income a reality.

For example, you know that it takes “x” amount of work  hours each week to obtain an “x” amount of contacts.

You also know that “x” amount of contacts will often translate into an “x” amount of income in an “x” amount of time.

You know these facts because that is what a wise upline or business mentor has taught you. They tell you to follow their guidelines if you want to succeed. Of course you do as told because they know more than you do and have been in business longer than you. It’s the Success Plan so you do it.

There is nothing wrong with these teachings except that the focus is on goal setting and doing specific duties each week in order to make the income YOU want. This is ALL good but it’s putting the cart before the horse! What good is a loaded down cart with no horse to pull it? Let me help you put the horse first.

What I will be talking about in these posts is how to keep the horse in front of the cart so your efforts mean something concrete that actually moves you toward your goals.

We will talk about success principles, how to win friends and influence people to get what you want and what others want also. Without a good understanding of these principles and without knowing how to meet other people’s needs, all the work you do and all the contacts you make will bring little of the rewards you seek because the emphasis is on the wrong things.

The main thing you need to know is that MONEY is NOT the reason you should do any business adventure; it should always be secondary.

  • You should do a business because you believe in the products or services you provide
  • You should want to work with people and enjoy serving them
  • You should want to give people something of value.

If you do not have good ethics in your business dealings, people will see through you very quickly and will NOT work with you. They will put distance between you and them as quickly as possible.

People will also run from you if they feel you are trying to sell them something. People don’t want to be sold, but they do want to buy! Your job is to give them a reason to buy from you and not from somebody else. However, it must be a decision that they make because they want to and not because you pushed them into it.

Don’t push people into joining or buying your program just to get rid of you. You really don’t want them working with you in your business anyway, especially if they have to be pushed into doing something. If they can’t see the value you are offering then find somebody else who can!

What good is 60 people in your business and have little or no volume coming from most of them? What profits do you get from that sort of an organization? What you do want is people who really want what you offer them.

Doing the right things is more important than doing what people tell you to do because they want you to make them money! Many  Network Marketing and Online Businesses are made up of these type of people.  You want to avoid them. They will give themselves away quickly if you pay attention to what they do more than what they say.

Your success is determined by how well you treat people and if you are willing to do what other people who are poor are not willing to do.

I hope you will share your stories with us, ask questions, or even agree to disagree with me as well.


Judith Sherman
Graduate of Dale Carnegie Training

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