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What Is a Legit Opportunity?

Opportunities are a dime a dozen and some are very risky. Check with the Better Business Bureau before you get too involved with a company to make sure there is nothing negative on file with them.

This is why you need to be wise when looking at a proposed opportunity to make sure that it makes good business sense and is based on sound principles.

Look closely at the people from whom you will be receiving training and commission checks.

  • What do you know about the company and it’s leadership?
  • What do you know about their record of success?
  • Look at the associations and mentors inside the organization.
  • Where were these people before they became involved with the opportunity?
  • Why did they leave?
  • Who develops the training material and workshops you will receive and what do you know about them?

For example, one network marketing business has a successful marketing plan and a respected reputation, but some distributorship lines corrupted the system with unethical conduct. It took a whole generation for the company to overcome a reputation it didn’t deserve. You need to know this type of information before you join them. I might be able to help you with this particular situation.

Keep in mind that, because a system works well for me doesn’t mean it will work well for you, nor does it mean that the system is bad or that it doesn’t work.

  • It means you need to know if your personality fits the opportunity and the effort required of you.
  • It also means you need to investigate the system long enough to know the people and to see the plan working up close and personal.

Talk to people who have succeeded in the type of business opportunity you are looking into or have at least a good understanding of what went wrong with their experience.

In my case, I was new to the Network Marketing Business and I didn’t know what to do. I believed that men would not follow the leadership of a woman so I depended on my very successful male upline.

With my VERY successful Upline taking the leadership role of my business, and because he did not edify me in my own business, he had pretty much taken over my business.

Having no credibility left with my group, a successful business quickly dissipated because I no longer saw it as my responsibility or my business. For several years, I blamed the upline for the downfall of my business until it was my backing out of it as the real problem.

The point of my story is not to blame failure but to help you understand that it wasn’t the plan that was wrong for me, it was how I handled it that was the problem. I didn’t it to myself. I have a lot of stories just like that one to prove that we sometimes blame the opportunity instead of own shortcomings when we fail.

Getting a really good mentor, who understands your goals and work ethics, will help you do much better in running your business and making the opportunity work for you. If the mentor isn’t working out, then fire him/her. If you are the problem, then fire that part of you that is acting up and put a new person in his/her place. You do so by listening to a good mentor, following a budget, and setting goals that can be fulfilled both short-term and long-term.

Get good advice from someone you trust. Just remember that, in the end, it’s you who has to make the decision. Often, we expect the advisor to make the decision for us and then we can blame him/her if something goes wrong. Why do we do that?

  • Could it be that we don’t trust our judgment so we can’t make a decision?
  • Could it be that we can’t admit or accept that we might be wrong in our decision?
  • Could it be that we have never really been given the responsibility of making decisions?

Whatever reason you come up with for someone else making the decision for you, it’s time now to start making those decisions for yourself.

If you are not in the “drivers seat” of your own life, then you are living in default. Living in default means you are not proactive and living on somebody else’s whim. Do you want to live in default or would you rather be proactive and in the “driver seat” of life?

Perhaps you are looking for new opportunities because you have not been proactive in how you live your life. A new opportunity breathes in new excitement and a new beginning into an otherwise dull life. But really now, how will that fix your problem?

You will not be in control and proactive with a new opportunity if you are not proactive in how you live your life now. Put yourself in the driver’s seat and start living pro-actively! You will see a huge change in the way you feel and how you look at your way of life, and especially how you view new opportunities.

Then share what you learn with others. Tell them what you did to change and then challenge them to do something as well. And if you don’t mind, share your story with us too. We would enjoy knowing how you’ve changed your life.

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