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Success of Young Jackie Evancho

Success of Young Jackie Evancho

Jackie Evancho And Barbara Streisand – Somewhere (From West Side Story)


….Jackie’s soul is more advanced than Barbara’s… can hear it already, and God knows she’ll never have a godawful political agenda to dish…..

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Jackie on The View

Christmas Tree Lighting — Watch for President Obama and Family

Jackie Evancho on The Tonight Show

This young lady just turned 11 years old and already a raving success. In addition,  7yr Opera Child Star sings Phantom of the Opera:


What can you learn from this young lady? She has been singing in public since at least seven years old. Who knows how long before that. She is not just a talented girl with special gifts, but she is also a very dedicated young lady. Think of what she has to give up in order to pursue her dreams and make others happy by her wonderful voice.

Our skills and talents are given to us to share and to bless others lives. What talent or skill do you have that you are not sharing or blessing others lives? Think of Jackie when you take the lazy way out or choose not to share.


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